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Honey from Lunigiana

The Lunigiana Country is charaterized by meadows used for pasture and natural woods. This, joined by the lack of industrial development, is the ideal habitat for the development of beekeeping. There are three charateristic honey in that zone: chestnut honey, acacia honey and millefiori honey (thousand flowers).

The Miele della Lunigiana DOP (Lunigiana Honey Protected Origin Denomination) is the first one that obtained from the EU the DOP brand. The production territory comprises the fourteen municipalities of Lunigiana.

If you want to get more information: Consorzio di Tutela Miele della Lunigiana DOP.


To use the private area of the Consorzio Forestale Guinadi for the purpose of placing nomadic beehives, you must first request authorization by e-mail from the Consorzio Forestale Guinadi.