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The Consorzio

How the Consorzio Forestale Guinadi was born

The Consorzio Forestale Guinadi was born thanks to a group of persons pooled by the love of our village, Guinadi, a little hamlet on the hills of the City of Pontremoli (MS).

The time risked to erase whatever of good our parents and grandparents did, but now, after many years, the villane and his surrounding land have the chance to reborn.

The CFG was instituted in June 2007 as a private area for collecting mushrooms and forest products. It gathers almost all the families of Guinadi e many of who goes back to spend their spare time far from the urban chaos, peacefully among nature.


The goals

The goal of CFG is essentially the redevelopment of Guinadi and an area of about 250 hectares, mostly of them are woods and chestnut trees. First step was the regulation of mushrooms and soft fruits pick up, in order to avoid that the chestnut groves could be mistaken for a dustbin or degraded by uncontrolled crossing.

The CFG has the ambitious plan to recover end make profitable the age-old chestnut coves that, without a regular maintenance, risk to be swallowed by themselves. The CFG also want to promote the famous productions of the area: cep mushrooms, chestnuts and soft fruits, in particular blueberries.