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Mushroom picking in the private area of the Consorzio Forestale Guinadi

The Guinadi country is well-known for the mushrooms. Every year, in the pick up season, many foreigner pour in the woods around Guinadi, in particular those situated on the ridge of Apennini and owned in the municipalities of Albareto, Borgo Val di Taro and Pontremoli.

At the entrance of the Consortium you’ll find two signs stating that the mushrooms pick-up is under fee.

Mushrooms are protected by the Consorzio Fungo di Borgotaro, formed in 1995 with the mission to guarantee, improve and promote the main product of the Alta Val di Taro (High Taro Valley), by a proper Regulation of Production.


The Fungo di Borgotaro (Mushroom of Borgotaro) is intended, in tradition and local commerce, the four species  of cep Boletus edulis, Boletus aereus, Boletus aestivalis e Boletus pinophilus. The I.G.P. acknowledgement (Geographic Protected Indication) was obtained by the Ministry in 1993 and by the EEC in 1996.

Mushrooms pick-up Area of the Consorzio Forestale Guinadi

Mushrooms can be collected in the quantities established by the Consorzio Forestale Guinadi once the ticket has been purchased.

Consorzio Fungo di Borgotaro I.G.P.


The pick-up Area of the Consorzio Forestale Guinadi  is part of the production area of the production area of the Fungo di Borgotaro.