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The Via degli Abati

The Via degli Abati (Abbot’s way) identifies an ancient route, lately rediscovered , that starts from Bobbio and arrives in Pontremoli and joining the Via Francigena. This was the route that, probably, the abbots of the Bobbio Monastery used, from VII to XI century, to reach Rome. This is an ancient path, rediscovered by the expert Giovanni Magistretti and is tied to the extraordinary history of the Monastery of Bobbio, founded by the Irish monk Columbanus and focal point of culture in early middle ages of all northern Italy.

On all the route of the Via degli Abati were found signs and recognitions of presences along the time, towers and castles for the safety, fountains and small chapels to rest, streets paved by stones from very ancient times. The route is still passable today by foot, on horse or on bike. Cleaning some small stretches from the green grown due to the lack of use, it’s possible to recover a historic route of great importance.

If you want to get more information visit Associazione Via degli Abati.

From Bobbio to Pontremoli via Guinadi

A presumed route to follow, in order to admire some stages of the Via degli Abati, is the one used by the abbots of Saint Columbanus and the Irish pilgrims who were in Bobbio to pray on the saint’s grave, used to go to Rome.

For the Bobbio – Boccolo dei Tassi – Bardi road, the suggested route seems to be among the most plausible because it is less tiring and faster than others to reach the Linguadà pass, where the abbot could take refreshment at the hospice of San Pietro.