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Mountain Bike

The Alta Valle del Verde by mountain bike

The Alta Valle del Verde is the ideal ground for who has good breath and a good couple of legs…

Starting from Guinadi, after a couple of km on a light climb on asphalt, crossing the site of Baselica, Monti and Cadugo, you begin to come up to Cervara. Went beyond the village it’s possible to cross the dirt track that goes into a bushy chestnut wood with a average slope of 6% and, after some hairpin bends, takes to Lago Verde (Lake Verde), protected area of considerable environmental interest, well signed by descriptive panels.

Going straight on for a couple of km and up-hilling on a step path, as cycle cross, you cross the Verde creek not far from its spring. In the other side the path continues and following backwards the route of the Granfondo Valle del Verde, you go back to the valley.

For other information and for all the questions about mountain biking in the area you can go to the sites of ASD Goodbike Pontremoli and LunigianaXbike where you can find many routes to reach the nicest places for MTB excursions, street bikes in the area of the Consortium and in all the Verde Valley.

Note that in there hereabouts traffic is fortunately still scarce. Also the ones who pedal on a racing bike will find his cup of tea… and places to rest for a snack, spending a very good day of sport and amusement.


Route photos

The photos were kindly granted by the friends of the ASD LunigianaXbike.