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Guinadi San Rocco is a village situated in the municipality of Pontremoli, in the province of Massa Carrara (Tuscany). The village, with the other sites: Baselica, Monti, Cadugo, Navola, Veserada, San Lorenzo, Pian di valle, Cervara e Prà del Prete forms the so-called Verde Valley, from the name of the creek that crosses the site.

These villages are almost abandoned in winter time but in the summer months they are repopulated by many emigrated, transferred to work in the northern towns and, above all, in France. Is mainly in July and August that Guinadi becomes in a real touristic town, because many villagers take every year friends and relatives who goes back evenly because they enjoy the stay.


The village

The village lies at 582 mt on the sea shore and is characterized by a wonderful greenery of chestnut trees, is ideally divided in three parts:

  • Il Castello (The Castle) in the highest part of the village;
  • Il Piazzale (The Square) is the centre and there are the Bell Tower, the Church and the War Memorial;
  • In fondo alla Villa (The bottom of the villa) and not so far from the houses we have La Costa (The Edge), from where is possible to enjoy a wonderful sightseeing to the river Verde and to the near railway station of Grondola-Guinadi.

Guinadi is crossed by a truly characteristic cobblestone and the houses are mostly in exposed stonework, which gives a very rustic tone to the village.

The geographical position is undoubtedly favorable as the beaches of Marinella di Sarzana and Carrara are 1 hour away and always taking the same time to reach the ski slopes of Zum Zeri.

Where to stay

There are apartments for rent in the village. For information contact 334 814 8899

How to buy tickets

Mushrooms, undergrowth products and chestnuts